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Starts from: June 08, 2024

Duration: 60 Hours

Days: Sat & Sun

Timings: 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM CST

Course Overview

Embark on a transformative journey with our DevOps Job-Oriented Online Training. This comprehensive program is meticulously crafted to equip you with the skills demanded by the industry. Dive into the intricacies of continuous integration, delivery, and deployment. Learn the art of automating processes, ensuring seamless collaboration between development and operations. Our expert-led sessions, practical exercises, and real-world projects prepare you for the dynamic landscape of DevOps. Gain hands-on experience with tools like Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes. Elevate your career prospects and become a sought-after DevOps professional. Join us for a learning experience that translates directly into job-ready skills

Highlights of DevOps Online Training


Live Interactive Sessions

online learning

Job Course Content Developed By Industry Experts


60 Hrs Instructor Led Training Sessions


Resume Preparation By Industry Experts


On Demand Learning Sessions


2 Mockup Interviews By Industry Experts


Comprehensive Job Support

Why Choose Us?

Who Should Attend This Training?

  • For those new to the IT landscape and aspiring to specialize in DevOps
  • IT professionals looking to enhance their DevOps and cloud skills.
  • Developers aiming to streamline their development and deployment processes.
  • System administrators interested in container orchestration.
  • Anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of modern DevOps practices.

What You Will Learn?

  • DevOps principles and best practices.
  • Basic to Intermediate Linux
  • Cloud Computing
  • CI / CD
  • IAC (Infrastructure as Code ) & CAC (Configuaration As Code)
  • Containerisation / Orchestration - Kubernetes
  • Terraform , Ansible and Build tools – GIT and Jenkins

What You Will Get From That?

  • Deep Understanding of Software Development Lifecycle
  • Cutting edge tools and technologies for faster software delivery
  • Hands on experience in using cloud native technologies.
  • Able to build and deploy applications using CI / CD on cloud.
  • Setting up monitoring and alerting.
  • Live project
Course Content
Linux Fundamentals
  • Virtualisation Concepts
  • Linux installation on Virtual Machine
  • Basic Commands ( Create, Remove, Copy , Move)
  • Loging in Options (UserName Password)
  • User (Create, Delete, Update)
  • Group (Create, Delete, Update)
  • User assigning to Group
SDLC (Software Devlopment Life Cycle)
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Bug fix
  • Methodologies – Waterfall, Agile, Scrum
Source Code Management - SCM
  • SCM Introduction
  • GitHub – Account creation,
  • Repo creation, Code commit
  • Git Installation
CI / CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
  • Jenkins, Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions
  • Source Control – Git Hub
  • CI / CD Tool – Jenkins
  • Job Creation
  • Groovy, DSL
  • Trigger the job, Scheduling the JOB
  • Build Pipeline
  • Deployment Pipeline
  • Artifactory
Cloud (AWS / Azure)
  • Account Creation, Billing alert
  • Networking – Vnet, subnet, security groups
  • VM Creation, accessing the VM
  • IAAS, PAAS, SAAS with examples
  • Terminology – Cloud Native, etc
  • Introduction – ARM Templates / Cloud Formation / Powershell
  • IAC – Introduction Terraform
  • Terraform with Azure
  • Terraform with AWS
  • HCL Language introduction
  • Config as Code – Ansible Introduction
  • Playbook
Containers & Orchestration (Docker & Kubernetes)
  • Containerisation Concepts
  • Various technologies that support Containerisation
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Introduction to Microservices
  • Docker installation
  • Docker vs Podman
  • Dockerfile, Entry Point, Building Images, Docker Hub
Linux Fundamentals
  • Software Installation
  • RPM Installation
  • Repository settings
  • Firewalls / Security (Selinux, IP Tables, Firewalls)
  • SSH (Create, and Connecting to remote server)
  • Permission – User Permissions
  • Permission – File Permissions
  • Systemctl
  • Service – Start, stop, delete
  • Introduction to BASH
Source Code Management - SCM
  • Branch creation, pull, commit, push, merge, rebase
  • Branching strategies – Git Flow
CI / CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
  • Azure Boards, Azure Repo, Azure Artifcatory, Azure Pipelines, Azure Test Plans
  • Source Control – Git Hub
  • CI / CD Tool – Azure Pipelines
  • Job Creation
  • Credentials
  • Trigger the job
  • Build Pipeline
  • Deployment Pipeline
  • SonarCube
  • Terraform Statefile
  • Backend Configuration
  • VM deployment using Terraform
  • Terraform Providers
  • Inventory
  • Roles
Containers & Orchestration (Docker & Kubernetes)
  • Orchesration – Kubernetes
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
  • Architecture and components
  • Kubernetes Installation, KUBECTL
  • Mainifes and YAML
  • Pod, Replicaset, Deployments,Services, Config maps
  • Introduction to GITOPS
  • ARGOS CD, FLUX (Installation and Usage)
Image Bakery - Hashicorp Packer
  • Hashicorp Packer
  • AWS – Creation of Custom AMIs
  • AZURE – Creation of Custom Azure VM Images
  • Docker – Creation of Custom Images

DevOps Trainer Profiles

Sajid Basha

Mohammed Sajid Basha, a seasoned IT professional, brings over 20 years of expertise to the field. With a solid foundation in Full Stack development, he has dedicated 12 years to crafting .NET applications.
His proficiency extends to 8 years of specialization in DevOps and Cloud Automation, showcasing his commitment to cutting-edge technologies.
Currently serving as a DevOps Lead Engineer, Mohammed Sajid Basha’s extensive experience positions him as a knowledgeable and dynamic course author.
Students can benefit from his wealth of practical insights, gained through years of hands-on work in the ever-evolving landscape of IT, making him a valuable guide in the learning journey.

Imtiaz Hussain

With over 15 years in IT, Imtiaz Hussain is a seasoned professional specializing in Full Stack development and 10 years dedicated to crafting .NET applications.
His expertise extends to 7 years in DevOps and Cloud Automation. Currently a DevOps Lead Engineer, Mohammed Sajid Basha is an experienced course author, offering practical insights from years of hands-on work in the dynamic IT landscape.
Students can benefit from his wealth of knowledge, making him a valuable guide in their learning journey.

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  • Comprehensive Customized Curriculum
  • Hands-On Labs and Projects
  • Industry-Expert Instructors
  • Access to Training Material
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed
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Frequently Asked Questions

1What if I miss an Online Session?

We ensure that you never miss a class. In case you do, you have two options:

-Access the recorded sessions provided to you regularly.

-Attend the live session of the same topic in another batch.

2What if I have any Questions after completion of my course?

There's no need for concern. Upon joining any course with us, you'll receive ongoing support from our dedicated team, which is available round-the-clock to assist you.

3What is meant by Online Training?

Instructor led online interactive sessions

4Will I get any discount on the course?

Our course fee is already discounted price

5Do I have access to the course material after completing my training?

Upon enrolling with us, you will receive access to the course materials.

6What are the modes of training ?

Online instructor led & Bootcamp

7Will get a chance to switch from self-paced videos to live sessions?

Yes, you are eligible for this option. To participate, simply make the additional payment and join the live sessions.

8Our Refund policy?

No refund once attended

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